Caravan Satellite Systems

There was a time when to watch satellite TV in your home would involve taking out a monthly subscription to SKY TV. It was during this time that many people believed that this was the only way to get satellite television and that this monthly cost was not something they were willing to fork out to watch TV in their caravan once in a while.

With the coming of the digital switchover however more and more people are realising that there are other ways to watch Satellite without having to join up to these monthly programmes. I believe it has been the introduction of digtal switchover that has given people to confidence to search out more information on the subject of satellite television and discovered it’s not as difficult or complicated as they first thought.

To receive digital TV in your home you simply have to get a digibox costing anything from £15 to £100+ and attach that to your roof aerial and your TV. This gives you the normal 5 UK TV channels as well as many others depending what region you are in, I believe however the aim is to give everyone around 80-100 TV channels using this simple method. You can however receive up to 250 channels if you so wish but for this you need digital satellite system. This is a similar setup as that described above but instead of a roof aerial you will need a satellite dish costing around £20 and upwards and a digibox but this time it needs to be a satellite digibox and these cost from £50 upwards.

For a caravan satellite system you will need the second of the methods described above, a satellite dish (or dome) and digibox, but the price is just the same as above. In fact you can use the same digibox in your caravan as you do in your house if you make sure the power supply is compatible, more on that in another post.

If you are the type of person that really can’t be bothered working all the different bits out and how much they’ll all cost there are complete package systems out available. The Comag Camping Satellite Suitcase System cost around £100-£175 and includes everything you will need to arrive at any camp site and simple open the case and set it up. There are some snags with this system and before you buy one you would be advised to do some extra research into its known problems. This website will is not here to knock any caravan satellite system, make or set up we are here to try and provide information but if we have heard of a particular problem we will mention it and possible link to the reports about it.

So that’s it not as desperate as you thought and well within most caravan enthusiasts budgets. A caravan satellite should cost anything between £100-£200 but if you are a bit of a DIY’er you can reduce this further by purchasing the raw materials to make the cables you need and the tripod for the satellite dish, but that’s for a different post as well.

If however money is no object or you just like to see what else is on offer then you should look at the following systems.

There is a dome satellite system that will set you back anywhere between £1250 to £2500 and that is without the cost of the TV or receiver. These domes are situated on the roof of your caravan and weigh very little. There are other automatic caravan satellite dish’s that are roof mounted but the dome are the lightest, smallest and the most suitable for touring caravans.

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